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Online Store

I have setup an online store with  FullScript for your convenience. My patients are able to receive a 20% discount on all products in this store.  

However, you are under no obligation to purchase from my onlineFullScript store.  If you want to pick out your own supplements, please read my article on how to pick out a supplement.  Also,  you may visit the online store to see which supplements are highly rated for quality and then purchase elsewhere.  I do want to make sure that you get products from a manufacturer that is compliant with good manufacturing practices.  The products in my store  are all manufactured at GMP compliant facilities and the facilities have undergone checks for quality.  There is a range of products - the more expensive nutraceuticals such as those manufactured by Pure Encapsulations have multiple checks for quality in place and are well absorbed by most patients.


An example of  less expensive products that may have more additives but are still produced at a GMP  compliant facility are vitamins produced by NOW foods.   Some of the less expensive products can also be found on websites such as

Another online store that I endorse is called New Beginnings (  This website sells supplements that have been specifically developed for patients who have neuro-developmental problems and who are undergoing nutrient treatments.  

Disclaimer: I do make 15% commission on products purchased from the Wellevate store.

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