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Treatment Approach to ADHD 

My approach to the treatment of a patient with ADHD or other concerns is to focus on lifestyle interventions as well as nutrition. I adjust each patient’s diet according to their medical history and laboratory testing with the goal of having a healthier patient with a healthier brain.  I also look at the gastrointestinal tract through blood and stool testing to make sure that nutrients are being absorbed and that infections are not present.  In addition, I run tests to look for genetic biochemical weaknesses.  I try to improve any additional health problems such as allergies, asthma, eczema, frequent infections, sleep problems and constipation.  I also recommend certain nutrients and supplements that help with focus and attention.  


I do also treat with pharmaceuticals for ADHD - many of my patients benefit from an integrative approach with both medication and lifestyle interventions.

I strongly urge patients and families to research treatments.  I have trained with the Walsh Research Institute and you can find information at  I have also trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine and information can be found at

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