Treatment Approach to Anxiety and Depression

My approach to the treatment of a patient with anxiety and/or depression is to test for nutrient deficiencies and genetic weaknesses that have been documented by research to contribute to anxiety and depression.  I design an individualized nutrient plan for every patient based on the laboratory findings and his or her medical history.  In addition, I look at the gastrointestinal tract through blood, urine and stool testing to make sure that nutrients are being absorbed and that infections are not present.  I also make dietary recommendations and we slowly move to a nutrient dense diet.  Patients see me every two to three months until we have achieved the response that we want.  After that patients see me yearly for tuneups of the nutrients.

I like for parents to be well informed and to be partners in the treatment plan.  I have trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Walsh Research Institute and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health.  Click on the names of these organization to take you to their web sites which have information on integrative treatments that I have incorporated into the treatment plans for my patients.