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Fees & Services

Dr. Lisa is 'out-of-network' for  all insurance companies.  Payment is required at time of visit, and a 'Super-bill' will be provided.  Labs may be covered through Lab Corp if you are covered under a PPO insurance plan.


First Visit - $370.00

This 75 to 90 minute visit includes a comprehensive review of the patient's history as well as the intake paperwork and recent laboratory results.  Additional labs may also be ordered at this visit.

Second Visit - $260.00

This 60 minute visit includes a review of the plan created by Dr. Lisa for you or your child.  Recommendations are  based on laboratory results and history.

Follow Up Visits - $260.00

Follow up visits generally last around 1 hour.  If a short visit is needed, the fee is reduced.  For 75 -90 minute visits, the charge is $290.00.   Please note that 2 visits per year are required if patients are prescribed ongoing medications.  Telehealth visits are available for patients who reside in California.

Family Member Discounts

  If two family members with similar problems are seen in a 90 minute follow up appointment, the charge is $175 each. 

Patients on Stimulant Medication

2 visits per year are required if patients are prescribed ongoing medication.  The charge is $260 per visit regardless of the length of the visit, due to government regulations and work required to maintain patients on controlled substances.  If two family members are seen in a 90 minute appointment slot, the charge is  $250 each.

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