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I have combined my traditional training in pediatrics and child development with training from the Institute for Functional medicine, the Walsh Research Institute and the Integrative Medicine for Mental Health group to come up with the best treatment plan for your child and/or you. I have also trained with the MAPS group and offer biomedical treatment for patients with autism. I look at the root cause of medical conditions and focus on nutrition and lifestyle interventions as well as nutrient deficiencies and excesses before considering medication. I firmly believe that medication is the last resort, not the first resort for the treatment of patients with ADHD, behavioral issues, and mental health concerns. If you or your child already take medication, then we do all of my interventions to see if we can slowly decrease the medication.  Some patients really do need medication in order to function, but I want to use the lowest dose possible and make sure that all of the additional interventions have been tried.  I do treat and maintain patients on stimulants if indicated.

In addition, I offer nutrient treatment for adults with mild anxiety and depression.  

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317 14th Street

Del Mar, CA 92014


+ 1(858)222-0328     Fax: 858-275-6351

"For three decades, Dr. Lisa Loegering steeped herself in the pharmaceutical-heavy, symptom-centric treatments of western medicine. But now, at the private practice she started in Del Mar, she’s carving a different path — one that relies on a nutrients-based treatment to correct deficiencies in her patients’ brain chemistry."  

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Tuesday 10:30AM - 6:00PM

Wednesday 10:30AM - 4:30PM

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317 14th Street

Del Mar, CA 92014     

+ 1(858)222-0328     

Fax: 858-275-6351

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